Pelech Active Processing

Deeper Understanding Through Connections.

This is Dr. James Pelech, and I want to welcome you and to enthusiastically thank you for visiting this site. Having taught for over 48 years I know that I learned so much from generous and gracious colleagues who shared their time and insights with me; without their patience and input, I never would have lasted very long in the teaching profession. It is my hope that, through this site, I can do the same for you.

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What is “Active Processing” all about?

First, let me give you a little bit of history about my focus on this concept. Back in my undergraduate days, one of my Education Professors, made this comment ( I am paraphrasing, but  have captured the meaning of what he said):

Real learning, real knowledge is what remains in our brains three days after we have forgotten everything we memorized for the test.

This statement has stayed with me all these years and was an organizing theme for all my education courses (graduate and undergraduate), and for my actual teaching. Subsequent courses and actual teaching helped me to understand that real and permanent learning is created by actively processing information and personal reflection on experiences; this a concept driven by the Constructivist philosophy. We will discuss the Constructivist philosophy and active processing in more detail in another page, but for now let’s view active processing as the act of generating new knowledge through specific cognitive processes. More detail to come!

Getting started with Active Processing

Let’s look at more introductory ideas. What is the overall purpose of this site? The purpose is to provide a platform for you to develop your own system of teaching through active processing. This site is not intended to “pass on” my knowledge to you; rather its purpose is to enable you to use the ideas presented to develop your own system. This goal of enabling you aligns with active processing and the Constructivist philosophy.

The site has various links for you to explore, but what I want to do now is  discuss the format in which material will be presented. In accordance with my active processing guideline calling for learning through multiple modes, this site will present material through short paragraphs/ linked documents and through voiceovers. In other words, you  will start your learning through the written mode and the auditory mode. I have implemented this philosophy in different levels of classes, and it has proven to be very effective. Let’s get started!